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In Spanish, Casa means home. At Casa, it means good design.



No more excess. 

In Spanish, Casa means home. At Casa, it means good design. Casa is a homeware and furniture brand started by a pair of passionate designers and inspired educators. Their mission is to bring the once-lofty principles of design, simplicity and functional aesthetics to the masses of people that curate their own homes. Everything about this brand is considered and I was proud to have a hand in its creation and presentation.



The Casa brand mark is intended to be simple and unique. It represents an open box or a welcoming home - the most utilitarian of forms yet still simple and beautiful. 

It is only a very simple, black logo because the odds are that the primary exposure a person might have is through the furniture - which will be branded with the Casa branding iron (pictured). This logo also has a smaller version with just a C in an open box for compact applications (pictured right)



Casa was founded on the idea that design is becoming more and more accessible and so should the suite of tools and finished products that defined what were once lofty and unattainable design principles. 

Casa's ideas merge the simplicity that contemporary design demands and the utility that a home should honour. The products are integral to the mission of combining usability with beauty.


This is the stylescape the identity emerged from. After a brand discovery session, a decision was made that the brand's values emphasised a simple, bright, utilitarian feeling and this is the option we chose to express that. The typography emphasises simplicity and readability and the graphics almost resemble a danger or warning sign.

Sam Blomley Branding Style Guide Booklet Mockup Spread 3 Colours Typography

The style guide conveys the underpinning messages and imagery associated with Casa. The document contains technical specifications, messaging guides and information about Casa and coheres with the central idea of the functional aesthetic.


I designed website wireframes for Casa with a platform for an online catalogue.


To establish a presence on social media, I worked with Casa to create three months of social media posts and develop a considerable following for their work.


Assorted Branded Stationery including folders, buttons, business cards, erasers, mail packaging, letterheads, envelopes, notepads, ID cards, product tags and more.