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While I may not like the sentiment our culture attaches to logos, I do like making them



Brands and logos I've worked on.

Genre logo Sam Blomley branding


Genre is an art collective in Melbourne designed to serve young artists. They aim to subvert traditional modes of power in the art space, cutting down on need for collectors, galleries, record labels and the systems that exist that keep things so turgid within the art space. Exhibiting work without sales commission and providing additional means of income for artists are just the beginning for this group.


Earl Grey Branding

Earl grey Home

Earl Grey are a Singapore furniture and homeware company that recently added their second local franchise. Their brand is centred on principles of simplicity and quality, providing only basic home needs. This is a brand without embellishment or extravagance whose identity is tied to their reductive, simple motivation.


Ashburton Cycles.png

AShburton cycles

When Ashburton Cycles - an historic brand with diverse past - made the decision to rebrand, we were given a chance to bring this family-oriented bike store to life. 

The solution we decided on employed the visual metaphor of a bicycle and emphasised the approachability Ashburton Cycles aims to convey with speech-bubbles indicating the shape of a bicycle. In cooperation with ultra-simple strap-line "We speak bike", the message this store conveys is clear and simple.

We also applied the shape of the speech bubbles that made up the logo to the rest of the brand, cohesively forming a comprehensive identity with which the brand will be both memorable and approachable.

Collaboration with Davide Gullotti, Creative Director at Balance Melbourne.


underground society

Underground society

Underground society is a youth fashion and culture hub with a membership of approximately 100,000. They are pushed by a passion to unite and connect within the exciting space of youth culture. Its founders epitomise the community-driven ethic and entrepreneurial spirit that describes their generation so well.