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spoons. the Grocer.

spoons. the Grocer - an adventure into branding for local small business.


spoons. the Grocer

Different. Exquisite. Superior. 

spoons. the Grocer aim for excellence in both presentation and quality without taking away from their approachable face. This brand identity was crafted at the beginning of 2018 to fit their local grocer style and meet the demands of their second franchise in Melbourne.



The logo is simple, direct and without embellishment. It references styles laden with whimsy yet grounded in quality and self-certainty. It manages to tread a fine line that lets it be a testament to the indomitability of the brand. 



spoons. the Grocer emphasises their ability to convey quality products to a community mainly made up of families. Their identity reflects the rigidity and high standards that families look for in combination with a genuine and approachable face.

I worked with spoons to showcase their ability as a brand to provide value and remove risk from the buying cycle of their customers. Especially working with Fast Moving Consumer Goods, the focus is on value, value can be found two ways: lower price or higher quality and spoons invest in the highest quality to ensure that their customers are fulfilled.



spoons. the Grocer's philosophy revolves around approachability, humanity and empathy. I tried to craft their messaging to reflect this, not stylising it heavily, making it human and down-to-earth. 

Pictured is the first direct mail promotion for local customers, inviting them to an opening and offering free sundries to kick the business off. The concept of give and receive is very important to spoons and their main audience: creating relationships which will be important to families and suburban people.


Visual identity

The visual identity I crafted for spoons revolves around very clear typography. The style necessitates that photography cannot to be used in promotional material, leaning on type, simple illustrations and patterns results in a very direct, flat and simple style.